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massage and bodywork

Alexandra Rix is a graduate of Panacea Holistic Institute's 555 hour Massage and Healing Arts Program in 2020. 

She works out of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing in Long Beach and Stomping Ground LA in Los Angeles. 

Rix specializes in Circulatory Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Massage Cupping. Her practice also integrates aspects of Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Ayurveda.

As a dancer, athlete, and Massage Therapist, Alex is deeply in tune with the needs of highly active bodies. Pulling from her own physical experience, Rix focuses on more specific areas of the body, while tailoring each session to the individual client. 

She provides a 20% discount for the dance community to help cultivate sustainable self care practices for the dancing body.

Alex’s body work is so tuned in to what my body needed that day, taking the time to listen to my muscles and joints. I felt a deep need to hug Alex after our first session because it was easily the best massage I’ve ever gotten! I had also never had cupping down before and she provided an incredible intro to it. Did you know you can literally feel the cup picking up your muscle?! Because I didn’t until Alex did it to me, and wow, it’s magic!

Kate Coleman

Universal Studios


As a massage therapist and movement artist my main inspiration has always been the human body. With my knowledge of how the body functions on small and large scale, through movement and stillness, I strive to assist in each individual’s self-healing. Being able to provide a service that opens space in the body and the mind to grow and heal. My work as a Massage Therapist mirrors my work as a dance artist. Approaching each session with curiosity and creativity, I create a personalized massage sequence for each client. Just as I would a dance for an audience.


Getting into the flow of a session is similar to getting into the flow of a dance. Viewing each session and individual client through an artistic lens allows me to use my expertise in the fields of dance and massage to create a personalized sequence and experience for each.

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